There is one understanding that consumers have as they shop: Saving money.
Saving money allows us to buy more of what we want, what we need, and have a nest egg for future emergencies that may arise that we need to be prepared for. It's an important part of our everyday lives to meet all of our needs and expectations.

There is one aspect that every person has in common: Sleep.
Sleep is an essential part of any person's life. We spend a whole third of our lives doing it. Having lack of sleep has a serious impact on our brain's cognitive functioning as well as our physical and emotional health. Having enough sleep is not enough of a factor either, it's having quality sleep.

There is one idea that sleeping well has the ability to propel: Dreams.
Dreaming is an existence that every person has experienced at one point in their lives, be it as they were sleeping or as they were awake. In our showrooms, we are promoting the idea of dreaming with inspirational quotes over our products. The reason being, the better you sleep, the better you dream. When you sleep better, you are allowing your brain to function at its full potential, which allows you to create ideas and goals and propels you forward to those dreams.

Here at Best Price Mattress, we are taking these three factors and combining them together by selling you a quality mattress at a quality price. Not only that, we are selling you a quality night's sleep, and the ability to be inspired by your dreams.

Now, the question from you is: how are your products so inexpensive?

The answer: We take the mark up costs of other businesses and cut them. There's no added delivery or discard charges in our price. Our high quality mattresses are also boxed to fit more in every truck, so more can come directly from the factory to our stores efficiently and more conveniently given to you, the consumer!

The bottom line: Save Money. Sleep Better. Be inspired.

"Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal."
-Pamela Vaull Starr-


Tax Policy
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Return Policy “30-day Money Back Guarantee”

We strive to provide the most comfortable, durable and affordable sleep products in the market today. Our commitment to our valued customers is the hallmarks of how we do business. Our goal is to make you happy to the best of our ability. We have the following policies in place to ensure a great customer experience:

Return issues: Customer has 60 days to return the mattresses from the date of receiving our mattresses. There is 10~40% (of returned product value) restocking fee for returns. We strongly recommend contacting our Sleep Consultants in customer service before making a decision to return a product. We may have a solution that can help you without having to return the item. ( If you decide to return the mattress after discussing with us, of course you can do that. Mattresses must be returned in good, clean condition. Customers are responsible for repacking the mattress, finding the necessary re-packing materials, shipping cost, and freight back to us.


Our mattresses come with a 10-year warranty against manufacturing defects that may compromise the sleep quality provided by the mattress. Our Mattress Bed Frames come with a 5-year warranty against manufacturing defects that may compromise the sleep quality provided by the frame. The start date begins on the date of purchase and an original sales receipt is required to establish the start date of this warranty.

Mattress manufacturing defects include:

1. Compression of the mattress core greater than 1.5" (which does NOT include body indentations in the comfort top finish such as a Box Top, Euro Box Top, Super Box Top, etc.)

2. Coil failure (extends or depresses more than 1.5" of original height or protrudes out of the mattress core)

Mattress manufacturing defects DO NOT include:

1. Cosmetic changes that naturally occur over time.

2. Mattresses that may have been soiled, dampened, burned, stained or otherwise abused.

3. Bed height change over time after use.

4. Mattress fabric color changes or pills, which can accumulate over time.

5. Mattress dimension discrepancies of up to + 1".
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